Novel Biologics Portfolio


New candidate therapeutic antibodies are being developed at our Utrecht site using our proprietary Custom Assays for Specific Hybridomas (CASHTM) technology followed by humanization. New Biologic Entities (NBEs) are a new area of focus for Polpharma Biologics, in which the detailed process knowledge acquired through the development of biosimilars can be combined with the extensive discovery experience of the Utrecht site to develop these innovative therapies. This alliance within the organization enables us to advance these novel medicines into clinical studies and provides partnership opportunities for their full clinical development. For interest in a potential partnership, please contact us.


Candidate Selection

We leverages our broad knowledge of our expression and immunology teams to design and develop customized screening assays to select their therapeutic candidates. The proprietary CASHTM technology is employed by an antibody discovery team with decades of experience and a robust track record validated by several out-licensed programs. The latter is exemplified by the successful out-licensing of one of our previous checkpoint modulator antibodies to J&J.

A Novel Approach to Pathogenic Neutrophils

The first program focuses on the prevention of pathogenic neutrophilic damage in tissues. Neutrophils are the most ignored cell type of the immune system and play a pathogenic role in many auto-immune diseases. This novel approach is unique in both its target and therapeutic potential for neutrophilic disease, in which treatment options are severely lacking. A significant proportion of auto-immune patients who are not responding to TNF inhibitors have high neutrophil involvement in the disease.

The candidate antibodies being developed by Polpharma Biologics can prevent the activation of neutrophils and inhibit the release of chemo-attractive signals and pathogenic molecules, making them unique in their class. Furthermore, for proper patient selection, a companion diagnostic can easily be developed.

Targeting the Immune Suppressive Tumor Microenvironment

Our validated expertise in immunotherapy prompted the discovery and generation of innovative antibodies to new checkpoint inhibitor targets. Compared to the PD1-PD-L1 axis for these novel targets, the respective receptors are upregulated in various oncologic indications. Patients who are suffering from tumors with high expression of these novel checkpoint inhibitor targets have an immune suppressive tumor microenvironment and a poor prognosis. Since the ligand is expressed on immune cells, inhibition of these pathways will result in immune stimulation.

Novel Biologics Pipeline

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For partnership, investment or licensing opportunities, or to learn more about our programs currently in development, we invite you to reach out to us directly.