PREP2019, Baltimore (US), 7-10 July 2019

We participated in the 32nd International Symposium on Preparative and Process Chromatography in Baltimore.

In this year conference our experts, Piotr Wujek (DSP Development Manager) and Artur Stanczak (DSP Development Senior Specialist), had a pleasure to present poster titled: “Methods for Detecting Unfolding of Monoclonal Antibodies on Cation Exchange Resins“.

Results demonstrated on the poster were obtained from scientific cooperation between Polpharma Biologics and Rzeszow University of Technology.
The conference was also a great opportunity to learn about technology updates, case studies, best practices and process intensifications in DSP field, as well as an opportunity for in-depth discussions with presenters, other DSP experts and vendors.

(On the picture, from the left: Artur Stanczak, prof. Dorota Antos from Rzeszow University of Technology, and Piotr Wujek)