Article: Polpharma’s Innovative Child is ready to harvest

The latest publication of “Puls Biznesu” describes the the most innovative investment of Jerzy Starak. It is Polpharma Biologics.
Read why he decided to invest in biological medicines and created an extremely innovative biotechnology sector almost from scratch.
Find out how the largest biotechnology center in Europe came about and what is our business model. Read when Polpharma Biologics will launch a modern plant in Duchnice near Warsaw, where drugs developed by the group will be produced on a commercial scale.


“It is here that new molecules, active substances and drugs for
the largest companies in the world are created” – Jerzy Starak (founder & Chairman of Polpharma Biologics Group B.V.)


“We are able to handle new drugs from the cell line stage to large-scale
production. We are working on two innovative drugs, and there are currently
seven molecules in our portfolio of biosimilar drugs. These are long-term and
costly processes: work on a single project lasts 8-9 years on average and
requires investments in excess of $150 million to reach the commercialization
phase,” says Jan Krzewiński (General Manager Gdańsk and COO of Polpharma Biologics)