Analytical Development

Utilizing our comprehensive (bio)-analytical toolbox

All required physico-chemical and bioanalytical methods are established and qualified in-house to fully characterize relevant target protein quality attributes, including in-depth analysis of post-translational modifications.

Platform Methods for Physical-Chemical Properties

  • Chromatographic methods (SEC, CEX, RP, HIC, HILIC)
  • Spectrophotometric methods (UV-VIS, FTIR, BCA, Fluorescence)
  • Electrophoretic methods (CE-SDS nonred, CE-SDS red)
  • Mass Spectrometry methods (LC-MS, CESI-MS)
  • High throughput chip electrophoresis for glycans, charge variants

Platform Methods for Biological Properties

  • Cell-based assays (luminescence-based, cytometry assays)
  • ELISA based methods
  • PCR

Our analytical services are designed to support our partners development projects to ensure the quality and purity of their therapeutics. However we will support any standalone analytical project so we can accelerate your product to patients.


Whether you are looking to advance a biosimilar program, work on innovative molecules or learn more about our capabilities, we look forward to hearing from you.


Fermentation Recovery & Purification Development

For both Upstream and Downstream process development we utilize a number of advanced techniques to quickly establish processes that will yield the optimal outcome at the highest level of efficiency.


Microbial Fermentation Manufacturing

Learn about our state of the art cGMP capabilities for microbial fermentation.