Bioceros is now part of Polpharma Biologics

Bioceros was acquired by Polpharma Biologics in 2016 who have been investing in Bioceros’ Dutch site, technologies and employees to create world leading discovery and development capabilities.  

Polpharma Biologics took a further step in July 2020 and integrated Bicoeros’ Utrecht site and their advanced discovery and development capabilities fully into their already extensive biologics development and manufacturing offering and dropped the Bioceros brand. This change makes Polpharma Biologics a truly integrated biopharmaceutical CDMO, offering the complete spectrum of services from discovery to drug substance and drug product development and manufacturing for clinical and commercial supply. 

There is no change in the attention and detail we pay to everyone of our client’s projects in Utrecht and we continue to deliver to the highest standard. We still offer world class discovery and cell line development capabilities that you can find more information below.

Discovery to IND Capabilities:

Discovery & Optimization

We offer an extensive antibody discovery platform (CASH™) for novel therapeutics and antibody humanization utilizing best in class technology with extensive supporting bioassays.
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Cell Line Development

We can develop high quality, high titer manufacturing cell lines utilizing our own proprietary CHO-K1 derived cell line, CHOBC®. Utilizing our SPOT™ and SLIM™ technology we can reach titers upwards of 9 g/l.
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Analytical Development

We can establish extensive physico-chemical and bioanalytical methods that are qualified in-house to fully characterize your biologic.
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Process Development

We utilize our extensive knowledge in our process modulation toolbox to quickly establish processes that will yield the optimal outcome at the highest level of efficiency. We apply quality-by-design (QbD) principles to guarantee the quality, safety and efficacy of your products.
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cGMP Manufacturing

Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities utilize the latest single use technology to produce drug substance and drug product for pre-clinical, clinical and commercial supply.
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From Idea to Global Supply

We have extensive experience of taking new therapeutics through development and can support you on individual projects or use our experience not only in development but also in regulatory, quality and IP to accelerate your product to the clinic. We want to get your product to patients as quickly and safely as possible.

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Whether you are looking to advance a biosimilar program, work on innovative molecules or learn more about our capabilities, we look forward to hearing from you.