Polpharma Employee Values


Acting lawfully is the basis of Polpharma Biologics’ credibility and reputation. In every country we do business, employees are obliged to understand all relevant legal requirements and act in accordance with the law. In our company, honesty also means acting ethically and politely, which is reflected in the way we communicate and compete in the market as well as in the honest and reliable marketing of our products.


We all share responsibility for our workplace culture and the quality of our operations by fulfilling our duties with care and commitment and protecting company property from excessive risk. By meeting our obligations, respecting trade secrets and preserving the confidentiality of information, we have created a reliable and trustworthy organization, with the utmost care for the safety and quality of our products. We work to ensure constant availability of the products we manufacture, especially lifesaving medicines.


At Polpharma Biologics people are what matter most. From our employees to our customers to the patients who will use our products, respect is a pillar of our operations. We strive to create a working environment that is free from unethical behavior and discrimination and is conducive to the development of our employees. We equally respect the privacy of both our employees and collaborators.


As an organization, Polpharma Biologics provides help and support to the sick and suffering. We aim to constantly improve our therapeutic solutions in line with the highest pharmaceutical industry standards. Solidarity with others is the essence of how we see our work – as both a service and a duty.


We support one another in the realization of our corporate objectives, and our market success is a result of the collaboration across our people, teams and entities. Because of this, we enjoy lasting, mutually beneficial relationships with our business and social partners.

About Us


Polpharma Biologics is led by a team of industry experts with decades of international experience spanning the full spectrum of biopharmaceutical development.

About Us

Mission and Vision

We aim to develop high-quality biologic medicines to treat a wide range of conditions and to make these therapies accessible to those who need them.